Odor Control Equipment

EGB – Biowashers | EG – Bioscrubbers | EG-ChemPac Wet Scrubbers |EGC Carbon Adsorber |EG-Purflo Degasser

Odor control equipment plays a crucial role in industrial companies by addressing and mitigating problems associated with the emission of unwanted odors.

Storage Tanks

Ideal for: Chimneys, Covers and Domes, Ducts, Gas Injection and Extraction, Water Treatment Systems, Among others.

FRP tanks and vessels have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used to store hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, methanol, vegetable oil and other corrosive media.

Process Equipment

Fiberglass Fans and Blowers – Manufacturing of Thermoformed Plastics – Made of FRP

EcoVerde has the ability to design and manufacture FRP equipment for industries such as mining, metallurgical, chemical processes, food processes, water waste, water treatment, odor/emission/corrosion control, auto parts, among others.


Nanobubble Delivery System


Easy – Simple – Effective – Low Cost.

Nanobubble delivery system for aeration and mixing applications in raw water, wastewater and sewage applications.

The small footprint, simplicity, low power consumption, and durability of this single moving part system make it a superior choice. Choice for aeration and mixing in all types of water and wastewater treatment applications.

International Deliveries