Odor Control Equipment

We work with you to fully evaluate your situation

Odor Control Equipment

We work with you to fully evaluate your situation

EcoVerde designs and manufactures the best in class odor control equipment with the lowest total cost of ownership, shorter delivery times and the longest warranties in the industry.

Why Ecoverde?

Eco - Friendly Solutions

Shorter delivery times

The longest warranties in the industry

EGB – Biowashers | EG – Bioscrubbers | Biotrickling Filters | Biofilters

  • Eliminates the need to use chemicals.
  • Eliminates corrosion.
  • Quickly resolves odor complaints.
  • Reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Self-sustaining synthetic medium with a 15-year warranty.
  • It reduces energy consumption.

EGC Carbon Adsorber | EG-C Carbon Adsorber

As odor control experts, we know that in some cases, carbon adsorption is the best alternative.
Whether used as a polisher or primary odor control option, our EG-Carbon systems feature the same superior levels of quality and service EcoVerde is known for.

Ecoverde uses different types of adsorption media to remove low level odors, H2S or VOC.

Protect your investment and request the best equipment

EG-Purflo degasser | EG-Purflo Degasifiers

The degasser removes gases and contaminants from the supply water by passing the water over a packing medium that helps the water form a thin film on the tower surface.

This procedure will oxidize the iron and manganese, allow gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide to escape, and allow volatile substances, such as phenol, to vaporize into the moving air stream.

EcoVerde has a complete line of degassers and will design each system to your project requirements. ​

Odor treatment systems

We supply systems for the control, reduction and elimination of odor emissions from different sources, such as industrial processes, wastewater treatment plants, farms, etc.

EG-ChemPac Wet Scrubbers

Highly adaptable technology. FRP, PVC or HDPE construction. Horizontal, vertical or bidirectional scrubbers.
Capable of treating up to 76,000 cfm in one container.

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